Golbang belongs to an elite group of musicians who are able to create elegant fusions of
sounds gathered from a variety of cultures. When Golbang’s often improvised music shines
– it’s nothing less than magical. Golbang (The Song of the Nightingale in Persian) was
founded in 1994 by lead singer Rostam Mirlashari, keyboardist Ahmed Mirzadeh and
guitarist Mohsen Mojavrian. The group’s musicians came together – often at The Royal
College of Music where many studied and experimented with combining Scandinavian and
Middle Eastern folk melodies along with African rhythms. It was there that the unique
sound of Golbang was created.


“The Swedish band Golbang performed for a crowd of about 1,500 at Qurm amphitheatre
on Thursday. The band played progressive world music, including a mix of popular Baluchi,
Persian, Arabic and Kurdish numbers. Lead vocalist Rostam Mir Lashari, popularly known
as the Prince of Baluchi music, was accompanied by seven band members at the debut
performance in Muscat.” Muscat Daily, Oman 2011-10-22

“My only experience with the Orient was pouring rain, glistening snow and streaming sun
all within a three-day period. Autumn, winter and spring in a single sweep. The seasons
shift just as seamlessly in Golbang’s new album, “Setareh,”and you don’t know which is
most beautiful. The poetic sensibility is just as strong and the humor just as incurably
romantic. Golbang is a Swedish group with roots in Iran, Turkey, Mozambique and
Sweden, a blend in which Eastern pathos and resonant clarity unite in a wonderfully
tight and elastic rhythm. The singer, Rostam Mirlashari, must have one of
Sweden’s most beautiful and seductive voices.” Dagens Nyheter 2009-12