Kolonien was from the very beginning a guitar duo called Clockwise, which soon became a trio when Mischa and his percussion joined in. In 2009, Anna came along with her violin and the band found its final form.

Kolonien share a strong political interest and from the start, the songs’ main focus was lyrics with messages regarding the increasingly relevant environmental issues. But the music has evolved, and today the group put a greater emphasis on the music itself. The lyrics have a broader perspective, often still with a political message, but also thoughts of man, life and how we live it.

Since the inception of the band, Kolonien has often found themselves in context that have had a great impact on their music. Amongst others, gigs in Tanzania, Israel/Palestine and Ethno music camps have inspired them to cultivate and maintain an interest in music from other cultures. And that curiosity is reflected in their music.

Through fequent concerts across Sweden and being selected “Best Young Folk Band Of The Year” 2012, Kolonien has made themselves a name as one of the more prominent young folk acts in Sweden.

After some years developed a music and a repertoire that they feel temporarily at home in, it was a natural step to record a debutalbum. In autumn 2011 the recording started for real! For more than half a year the band has traveled between the collective living out on Värmdö in Stockholm, to Nataraj Records in rural Mörkö, south of Södertälje, Sweden.

In March 2012 the CD was finished. After a grand release in March 2012, is the album “Clockwise” is now available to everyone.