Markandeya – Avalanches of the Soul

Foto: Inge Wegge at WEGGEfilms Edit: Marcus Lindberg at Mohave Media Music/Lyrics: Marcus Berg - Markandeya Mixed: Thomas Falk at Nataraj Records Produced: Thomas Falk and Marcus Berg Released 21/4 - 2017

Hang Massive – “Siberian Voyage” Documentary

Hang Massive have put out a documentary about their recent trip to Siberia, Russia, titled "Siberian Voyage". Check it out! They will also be touring Australia in march. Visit their Facebook-page for more...

Styr Den Opp!

Styr Den Opp!

"Styr Den Opp!", a documentary about Swedish reggae featuring Partiet is now available to watch on SVT Play. Watch it here! (in Swedish)...

Hugo Den Fete & Milega Band – Kan Inte Sluta Vibba

Hugo Den Fete & Milega Band just released a music video for their single "Kan Inte Sluta Vibba" from their debut album titled "Allting Är Möjligt" that they will release on october 14th. On the day of the release, they will also be having a...

Paraden – En mot alla

Dont miss Paradens latest music video "En Mot Alla". From their latest EP "Bara så ni vet".